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We offer Business Consultation services at $150 BDS per hour.

Say hello to the CEO of Taylor Fitted Lifestyle Solutions and hopefully your future Service Provider Charleston CASH PRODIGY Taylor BSc.

Charleston is a Senior Sales Executive and Entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in Sales and Customer Relationship Management including Workshop Delivery, providing Business Consultation, and Program Development and Training for the Business Owner Niche to name a few.

He also has a knack for building Successful Business Models from the ground up and implementing relevant structures and processes to facilitate internal efficiency. If there is one thing he knows is how to leverage small inputs to achieve major returns.

As a charismatic Strong Natural Leader he enjoys undertaking challenging multi-faceted projects and continued learning. As such he is presently pursuing his MSc. Financial Management.

Like you he has dreams; Big dreams. Dreams that will only be realized through developing financially sound habits and prudent investments.

Let us undertake this journey together and see realities unfold to reveal dreams realized.

Taylor Fitted Lifestyle Solutions: Make every moment meaningful!

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